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Vincent D'Souza

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To many, Mylapore is the centre of Universe

Many people believe Mylapore is not just the centre of our city but of their universe.

I know of people who have invested all their savings to purchase a box apartment where there is enough space on the terrace to sight the eastern gopuram of Sri Kapali Temple.

There are others who have bought box...

How can we support local schools that need help?

There are some images that remain with you. Simple ones.

They remain because they are symbolic of a bigger act, a telling incident or a milestone.

Physical images get erased with time.

The image of a tiger painted on the wall of a Chennai Corporation school has remained me, well after the grease and oil...

Summertime jobs in the Neighbourhood; offer them please!

Autodriver Jaykumar is our Man for All Seasons. And a newspaper like ours finds such people valuable. Today, three members of his family work on assignments for us. And one of them has just earned a summertime job.

Jaykumar is not your usual kind of auto-wallah. He has his hours of work. Four hours in the...

Love messages on public sculptures

So why do young men demonstrate their romance with signatures on trees in parks, walls of heritage structures and washroom doors?

Someone may well trace it to animal behavior.

Teen romeos have all the time in the word to engrave their names and flesh out the symbol of two hearts on church furniture even as...

Exploring Fort St. George: Madras Week 2013

My next two Sunday mornings will take me to an old and favourite destination - Fort St. George.
I have a date to keep with the 2013 edition of the Madras Week celebration.

For some years now, I have made sure that the people of this city who wish to explore its past and its heritage have the pleasure of...

Madras for our kids

A slow early evening walk on the promenade of Marina Beach can be an interesting exercise in ‘man watching’. If you have the time to slow down and see.
On Sunday evening last, at about 4.30 p.m. I was opposite the Presidency College, keen to observe one of many Madras Week events.
Revathi R. who is the...

Town Hall – like spaces for Chennai

Three weeks ago, we had a call at our Arcot Road Times newspaper office. A lady wanted to come over and meet me.
She was keen to ensure that she could meet me personally for, she wanted to hand over a small packet of vegetables.
She had packed a small quantity of beans and Lady’s Fingers for me.
This little...

Social Histories of our schools

Teachers Day provided me an opportunity to visit the school in Egmore where I studied.
Though we have not had a strong and active alumni community, a informal group has created linkages with St. Anthony’s and has been involved in a few campus activities.

Asha Marina who studied here in the 80s leads this...

Books on Madras that is Chennai

Two books have been by my bedside this season.
Both have to do with our city. To some this city continues to be Madras. To many it is Madras and Chennai. And to others it is Chennai.

Books, fiction and non-fiction which have all or something to do with our city interest me.
Timed with the annual Madras Week...