Book on ‘smart shopping’; release at Odyssey store


V. Rajesh calls himself a retail and shopper behavior expert. Between consultations, travel and lectures, he writes. His new book is titled ‘The Ultimate Guide to SMART Shopping’

‘Who exactly should the buyer be beware of? Ironically, it is himself’ – says Rajesh. And hence the book.

The book will be launch in Friday, Sept.22, 6 pm onwards – lined up are sone fun acts, the book release and a discussion.

Rajesh says the explosion of choice in terms of retail outlets, online stores and promotions is tempting on one hand and confusing on the other.

He hopes his new book will guide the reader-shopper and they become smart.

The book outlines the different kinds of shoppers and their unique shopping behavior, has an in-depth look at the role of trust which is essential in any shopping interaction and explores the various aspects of retail marketing which are used and leveraged by retailers to influence and even manipulate the shoppers.

Starting with a big job in the nascent retail market in the mid 90s, Rajesh had the “interesting challenge of getting women shoppers to accept supermarkets.” Since then, his job have got him to focus on shopper behaviour and enabled him to devise market-entry strategies as a CXO for many retail giants.

Rajesh is also the author of the bestseller ‘Break Free: Unlock the Powerful Communicator in You’ published in 2015.

His Facebook page is www.facebook.com/retailsme.

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