Spillover from liquor shop zone affects motoring on L. B. Road

police van

The road and traffic junction on L. B, Road at the BSNL exchange point is posing some serious problems for pedestrians as well s motorists turning east to go to Sastri Nagar and Besant Nagar.

This is because of the location of a TASMAC liquor sales shop in the complex in that corner. The shop draws a big stream of customers post 6 p.m. and many park their bikes and cycles at this turn and also hang around here.

The open space in that complex is also treated as a open air bar and snacks space and the crowd spills on to the road.

And over the past weeks, many potholes have grown bigger in the service road here.

Off and on police patrol vans do the rounds here but the action is not severe to discourage people from hanging around on the service road, say regular motorists.

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